Harrison Lake Residence

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This page will be used to provide updates on the status of proposed project and upload information for the public to review up to the date of the public hearing (date and time TBA)

OTG Developments (the Developer) is proposing to develop the property located at 511 Lillooet Avenue in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, BC. 

The developer has submitted a zoning amendment application to enable the construction of a 5 story, mixed use residential / commercial building. 

The proposed amendments include:

  • An increase the permitted Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from 1.75 (including bonuses) to 1.78
  • An increase the maximum allowed Building Height from 15m to 22.8m
  • An increase the permitted lot coverage from 75% to 76.9%

A Public Notification Meeting was held February 10, 2023 at the Memorial Hall in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. The meeting was open to the public to provide information and for the developer to collect feedback. The developer received several requests for reports that were submitted as part of the application. We have included read only copies of those reports here:




Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

Jennifer Powers


Harrison Lake Residence

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