Steelhead Gravel Pit Redevelopment

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This page will be used to provide updates on the status of proposed project and upload information for the public to review.

These sites are currently active gravel pits which are nearing the end of their extraction life. The remaining gravel extraction will be done in a manner to grade and manicure the sites for future development. Following this site preparation, there will be an estimated 120 acres of developable area (i.e. outside of riparian setbacks and with minimal slope). The future development is envisioned as being “light industrial” in nature, however, it is through consultation with the community and through discussions with the City of Mission that the overall zoning and uses for the site will become known. To be clear, asphalt plants will be specifically excluded as a permitted use on the sites.

The intent for the sites is to generate employment and taxation for the City of Mission. Additionally, ‘industrial’ is among the highest tax generating land uses. The majority of Mission residents commute outside of town to get to work. These sites can potentially accommodate thousands of square feet of building space and provide hundreds of jobs and substantial community benefit through taxation. 

Our first community meeting was held at Steelhead Hall on Saturday February 19th, 2022. Approximately 40 people attended, including members of the public, the Mayor and members of Council, as well as representatives from the development group.

At this time, the development group is taking the information which was gathered at the February 19th meeting to inform future land uses on the site. A preliminary list of potential uses will be circulated to the community for initial feedback, and a draft site plan will be subsequently prepared.

It is assumed that an additional community meeting will be held in late spring/early summer 2022 prior to the submission of a development application.

If you would like to contact us, please reach out to the undersigned.

Dylan Anderson

** Please note, respecting the existing asphalt plant**

It should be noted to the residents of Steelhead that, throughout this rezoning process, the existing Asphalt plant on 11546 Dewdney Trunk Road will be phased out. While there is no current plan to start up the plant, that is not to say that there may be a project which necessitates it beginning production again. It was stated at the Community Meeting in February that the plant will not be part of the future development and will be phased out through the rezoning process. We just wanted to be clear that the facility may indeed begin operation before the rezoning process concludes. We will make sure that the residents are adequately informed prior should the facility begin operation at any point in the future.

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