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Thank you to all the residents of Stave Falls, Steelhead and other communities in Mission and beyond who attended the Public Information Meeting at Stave Falls Elementary on April 8, 2024. Overall, 33 attendees were present at the meeting. It provided an opportunity for community members to learn about the project and express their thoughts and concerns. Attendees had the chance to ask questions and offer feedback, covering topics such as:

One of the concerns which came up during our Public Information Meeting on April 8th for the proposed rezoning and subdivision of 13033 and 13085 Pilgrim Street was with respect to the continuity of the site’s Rural Residential designation. Based on our research, with the help from City Staff, we have determined that the Subject Property has been designated as Rural Residential since the 1998 OCP. The Rural Residential designation remained the same during the 2008 and 2018 OCP as well. In fact, the area designated as Rural Residential in Stave Falls as shown in the 1998 OCP map (teal colour) has persisted to this day. I have included the 1998, 2008, and 2018 (present) OCP maps for your reference.

More info coming soon.

More info coming soon.

More info coming soon.

Based on these topics discussed, the development team will be looking at ways to address these comments through additional study and review.

Overall, the meeting fostered open communication and engagement between the project team and the community, helping to ensure that the project moves forward in a way that aligns with the needs and priorities of the City of Mission and the community.

More information will be provided on this page in the coming days and weeks. Please continue to monitor this page at your convenience and feel free to reach out to the undersigned for direct communication.

Take care,

Ryan and Dylan,

Ryan Anderson

Dylan Anderson

Pilgrim Street Subdivision

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